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Presenting the Internet of Trucks

Matching Trucks To Loads, Anywhere, Anytime!

Open by Design, Secure and Robust.
By far, the most efficient and faster way to move goods.

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Automate. Digitize. Collaborate.

One App for First Mile, Line haul and last mile...

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welcome to TRANSO!

If you are a Shipper and looking to book trucks for your loads or you are a Trucker and you need loads for your trucks, TRANSO is for you. The App works 24x7 across the world. No matter where, we match trucks to loads in near real-time.


To see TRANSO in action, please fill in the details below and we will reach out to you soon.

The App built with years of experience in trucking and logistics using the best of breed technologies to give you a secure, scalable and robust business platform.

TRANSO is a Sharing Economy IoT Platform for Trucking & Logistics that connects verified Truckers, Transporters, Fleet owners, Agents, Brokers and Shippers while making goods transportation Safe, Smart, Efficient and Profitable.

With "TRANSO" you can Track, Trace, Monitor and Manage your Trucks and Shipments with live business and transactional data in near real time. TRANSO does not require a separate GPS Tracker to be installed. It can work on any Android Smartphone / Tablet PC. Read more..

The Application built for YOU!


Shipment Management System
Dashboard Interface
Booking Module
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Carriers / Transporters

Fleet Management System
Truck Booking & Dispatch Module
Dashboard Interface
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Android Mobile App
Simple to use, Secure
Multi language Support
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The Platform

 Trucking and Logistics IoT platform on a Mobile     Blockchain and Analytics ready application     Intelligent Route and Load Optimization enabled      Superior, Secure, Robust and Scalable by architecture     Fleet management App    Connects trucks to loads in near real time     100% digital documentation    Tells you about your business performance    E-Waybill integration    An open platform that can be white labeled. 

It is also a GPS Tracker. Improves revenue for the trucker. Saves costs for the shipper. Is a collaborative App.

TRANSO Blockchain for Logistics is a game changer

TRANSO Blockchain is getting ready. We will give it to you at no extra cost once it is released. Get in touch to know more about how blockchain can help your trucking and logistics business.

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Why Choose TRANSO?

TRANSO can deliver superior performance for your business over time. It's easy to use and protects your privacy.

Built by people with vast experience in the trucking and logistics industry.
Technology expertise to deliver the best App experience.
Highly Scalable and Adaptable platform.
You gain from the large partner network ecosystem. Read more..

Use Cases

Warehouses / Manufacturing Plants 

No dependency on GPS trackers.
Install the App on the Driver smartphone and start tracking.
TRANSO provides greater than 95% distance accuracy. 
Reduce administration costs significantly.
Track, Trace, Monitor and Manage shipments and onboard vehicle sensors from a single dashboard.

Retail and e-commerce

Verified trucks on-demand. 
Book full vehicle or as a part load.
Availability of small to large trucks. 
Multipoint drop with navigation. 
Get information on Estimated and Actual time of vehicle arrival.
Route and Load optimization enabled.

Truck Fleet

Fleet management.
Cash back on fuel and spares. 
Nearest truck dispatch.
Large pool of verified customers.
Lesser empty truck miles.
Driver management.
Trip navigation.
IoTs for safety and security of trucks.
Low cost insurance benefits.

Air / Sea / Rail Freight

Connected last mile delivery. 
Faster dispatches and deliveries.
Integration into existing software.
Avoid loading area congestion.
Logistics performance visibility.