Logistics made

Empower every stakeholder in your logistics operation with a digital solution that simplifies their lives. With TRANSO, you drive value and efficiency, not just goods.

Move at the speed of your business.

Whether you’re making your first move towards digitisation, or already have existing technologies in place, TRANSO fills in all those missing gaps that’s keeping your logistics operation from working at the speed of your business.

It’s the only future-ready logistics solution around. We innovate with the times.







Organise the unorganised links in your supply chain,
with an app that empowers each stakeholder within it

Shippers, Carriers, and Drivers - different personas, with unique roles and responsibilities within the logistics ecosystem. By digitising your operations, you can streamline each of these stakeholders’ needs, while achieving complete visibility and transparency of your supply chain.

Unavailability of data can never again come in the way of your success.




Connects with all the existing technologies and supply chain
systems, easy access across every device and location & easy to implement and customise.

Here’s how our digitisation and automation technology
actually solves operational management for you,
in Real-Time.

Replace the complexity of logistics with ease and predictability.

Get complete visibility and control

An end-to-end optimisation experience that
streamlines operations, simplifies experience, and leverages analytics.

Streamline and optimise operations
through one unified platform.

From digital fulfillment management to fleet tracking and visibility into operational inefficiencies - get a unified view of it all. No GPS device is needed, any Android smartphone/tablet will work optimally.

Simplify your users’ processes with
automation and engagement.

Empower the users to scale their work and increase productivity by reducing manual data entry on multiple screens at each handshake.

Leverage analytics
for more confident, timely decision-making.

Effectively analyse your operational performance, optimise cost and improve delivery management with actionable insights and visualisation.

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